I live in Austin,TX. My names Tamra, not Tamera or Tamara, just Tamra. *Tam-ruh* My parents were obviously worried about too many syllables. I have a silver Labrador named Frank Sinatra. He’s the only thing that keeps me from traveling everyday of my life. I love exploring the world, emerging myself into different cultures, fashion and cuisines. I learn by first hand experiences and don’t do agendas. College wasn’t for me – learning in a classroom isn’t for everyone. Put me in a different country and I learn from the world around me. I’m just a human trying to explore and understand all different walks of life. I make sure to embrace and appreciate every experience, rather it be positive or negative. Whenever I encounter a bad experience that means I’m living and learning and if it’s good, well.. I hope I learn to live in the now instead of the past. I love everything about fashion. The unfortunate part about loving fashion for Me is that I love food & mixology. You can’t eat certain things and try and fit into a European size 6. Trust me, I’ve tried (Not cute).Here’s my journey from travel, fashion, food and trying to balance a healthy lifestyle. Follow for tips on travel and I’ll show you the different websites and credit cards I use to fly business and luxury hotel stays. #passmyport XoXo, Typically Tamra